Sunday, February 13, 2011

A great way to organize and view Digital Magazines on your iPad

IPad 101: PDF library in iBooks.

Here's a neat little trick I just used to make finding and reading my Sport Aviation and Airplanista digital magazines a lot easier!

In the past, I've either had to dig out the email with the link to the latest online magazine or search my computer for the folder where they were downloaded. 

A better idea is to transfer the magazIne PDF to your iPad and use Apple's iBooks as your digital magazine "bookshelf". And, by using iBooks,  you will have access on your iPhone too.

Which would you rather have- a list of files as in the top photo...or a visual bookshelf of your magazines in easy reach?

The workflow is simple:

Download your digital magazine PDF to a folder on your desktop (not only for transferring to your iPad, but also to archive). 

Then, transfer the PDF to Dropbox, which is a free app that not only lets you use 10 gigs of cloud storage, but allows you have to share files across your iMac, MacBookPro, iPad and iPhone.

On the iPad, open Dropbox and find the magazine PDF.

Open the file and look for the prompt on the top right of the screen to open in iBooks.

Click on iBooks and wait for your magazine to open.

Click the "Collections" button at the top.

You can now move it to a current collection, or create a new one (such as, in this case, Sport Aviation).

There you have it...all of your digital magazines organized and displayed on a bookshelf for easy retrieval and viewing.

AND...this works great for camera manuals! 

(Alternate: If you don't have Dropbox, download the file and move it into a folder for later retrieval. Open iTunes, and from the file pulldown, click "add to library". Then find the file you just downloaded...connect your on your iPad in on books...make sure the PDF file you just imported is checked for synching with your iPad. iTunes will take care of the rest)

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