Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changing Times

When traveling, I've often debated with myself the merits of taking this lens...or that lens. Wanting to be prepared for the "perfect shot" without carrying too much equipment. A recent trip to Chicago raised a new question relating to photographing my travels- do i take a DSLR for quality shots? or just my iPhone for Facebook?

I've always wanted to wander the streets with my Canon 5DM2 and a 50mm f1.2L. The perfect combination for street shooting. And for images I may consider for a photo show. 
But I'm also finding that not everything I want to shoot needs to be high resolution that I'm going to use late on. More often than not, I'm also wanting to share a lower rez version of something I shot with the 5D. In the past, I waited until I got home and processed a low rez for Facebook. Then along comes the iPhone.

 For Facebook, the iPhone is ideal. Almost perfect. It would be totally perfect to me if there was a Viveza app for spot adjustments and a perspective crop. 

And what are my favorite iPhone Photo apps? My basic photo editing app is PhotoGene. It does all the basic adjustments for exposure, color, sharpness, crop and saturation.  It also does borders, rotation and RGB color adjustments. And if you're in a funny mood, it will even add caption balloons! If the photo is too dark to begin with (or has heavy shadows), then I run the image through iFlashReady first. It does a great job of filling in shadows. Very similar to "shadow/highlight" in Photoshop. When I know the lighting is going to be difficult, such as a backlit subject, I take the photo with TrueHDR. That usually gets the shot or close enough to use the other apps for final post production. 
The ability to shoot on the spot somewhat discreet...and do post production and upload in a matter of minutes has me thinking I'll probably always have my iPhone along as backup to my Canon on my next trip to Chicago.

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