Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's all about the pictures...except when it's not.

Sometimes it's a stretch coming up with ideas for a Sunday photo. They can't all be sunrise shots. They can't all be shot at the park. 
Thankfully inspiration comes at the times you don't push. And sometimes, inspiration comes when you realize that you can't photograph all the gifts the day has to offer. 
This morning was cold, windy with a few snow flurries. The sun did come up at 6:08. Somewhere in the clouds. So with what seemed the dreariness of the day around me, I thought I'd try a flash technique I had been wanting to try when it was windy. 

And as I froze my fingers, muddied my jeans and tried for a good photograph...I heard the Red Wing Blackbirds happily singing away. Saw the Pelicans circling the bay looking for breakfast. Off to my left was a beautiful Swan. And as I was heading home, deer crossing the road and wondering what I was doing in their front yard. 

And then you realize it's not always about the photograph...but the experience...of everyday.

Canon 7D with 24mm f1.4L lens. ISO 100 at f22 and 1/8th second. 580 II fired via IR.